Neighborhood Watch

Even though the thermometer says differently, the morning parade of yellow school buses says that summer is over. No matter what the season is, criminals stay active. They are especially happy to deprive you of your property. Three of the ten reported crimes involve theft from autos. Lock your car. If possible parked it in a secure and lighted area. Do not leave valuables in view. Do not provide criminals with valuables that they can sell to fund their other illegal activities. Even on the street, stolen guns are expensive.

Crime Stats for August 2018

During the month of August, CMPD reported ten police responses in our neighborhood. Again, of the ten, four were reports of suspicious persons or vehicles. Stay vigilant. Do not hesitate to call 911. If you see a crime or even a person or vehicle that arouses your suspicion, call 911



Jim Farley (rofar515@gmail)