Neighborhood Watch

The Neighborhood Watch program is an effective way to get the community involved in crime prevention. Police officers cannot be everywhere at once, so they depend on the community to act as their eyes and ears when they are not present. Who knows better, what is going on in the community than the residents who live there?

What is Neighborhood Watch?

Residents in the community working with the police department to reduce crime and to improve the quality of life.
Residents in the community taking on a leadership role and accepting responsibility for their community.
Residents coming together to discuss their concerns which lead to developing a plan of action that addresses those concerns.

CMPD and the Neighborhood Watch Program

CMPD adopted the Neighborhood Watch program shortly after its inception. The logo at that time was, “We are a totally involved Crime Prevention Community”. The current logo is, “Community Crime Watch” accompanied by the CMPD patch. There are approximately 260 documented active Neighborhood Watch programs in Mecklenburg County.

CCHNA Block Captains

Knox, Jennifer Anne St., plus 704-302-5955 3200 Libeth St.
Brien, John Airlie St 3000-3100 704-535-8096 3028 Airlie St.
Deeley, Dan & Erin  Bently Pl. ,plus 704 756-9781 1823 Bentley Pl.
McArthur, Melissa Brixton Ct 585-754-6207 3210 Brixton Ct.
Musard, Kitty Clark St. 704-531-1736 3122 Clark St.
Welch, Jerry Country Club Dr. 704-996-8001 3425 Country Club Dr.
Schofield, Dave Dunlavin Way 704-568-6283 2800 Dunlavin Way
Frost, Dennis Flamingo St. 704- 532-8846 dcmfrost@mindspring.Com 3325 Flamingo Ave.
Hummel, Kim Harrow Pl. 704-488-0782 3234 Harrow Pl.
Cook, Caroline Hilliard Dr. 704-236-4196 2711 Hilliard Dr.
Smith, Tom Jeff St. 980-297-1777 2510 Jeff St.
Ruderman, Howard Margate, Ave. 704-488-4823 2021 Margate Ave.
Beals, Julie Palm Ave. 2700 704-491-0536 2721 Palm Ave.
Overstreet, Dianne Palm Ave. 2800 704-363-8483
Chadwick, Jim Sylvia Sandhurst, Dr. 704-536-4607 1926 Sanhurst Dr.
Crowson, Mark Telford, Pl. 704-577-1868 3000 Telford Pl.
King, Elena & Nate Townsend, Ave. 980-253-9275
Fischli, Dave & Jess Palm 704-307-2829 2811 Palm Ave.
Smith, Christine Cornwall St. +2000 Sandh. 704-568-1424 2000 Sandhurst Dr.
Wheeler, Karen Kilborne Dr. 704-307-0905 1934 Kilborne Dr.
Ayers, Christian & Becca Hillard 704-488-1864
Mobley, Earlene Springway Dr. 704-537-0107 2718 Springway Dr.
Nicole French Springway Dr.
Palmer-Licht, Walter Connecticut 704-320-6660 3224 Connecticut Ave.
Manion, Dylan Telford Pl. 814-490-5984 2915 Telford Pl.
Young, Hope Townsend Ave.