School Committee

The CCH community is a long-time supporter of our CMS neighborhood schools. While neighbors may attend magnet and charter schools outside our geographic boundaries we have a specific focus on supporting the staff, teachers and students at the schools in our feeder pattern. These schools are: Shamrock Gardens Elementary, Eastway Middle and Garinger High.


At Eastway Middle and Garinger High neighbors have served as test proctors and field trip volunteers. At Shamrock Gardens Elementary neighbors are giving back as reading buddies, lunch buddies and supporters of the school’s annual 5K fundraiser, the Shamrock Shuffle. As an organization CCHNA has hosted a teacher appreciation luncheon at Eastway, provided a “Little Free Library” at Shamrock and toured Garinger’s Urban Farm to learn about their work with Friendship Trays.


We are actively involved partners at Shamrock Gardens where we support a food pantry program with regular donations of non-perishable items collected by our residents at quarterly neighborhood meetings. Each December we hold a gift-card drive to provide for deserving families. Our recent initiative was a “Paint-the-Pavement” project done in conjunction with the school’s art program through a grant the neighborhood obtained from the city. The purpose is to promote child safety and traffic calming. It is a 2,000 sq. ft. street mural located at the intersection of Anne St. and Cheryl Dr. Click here for the CMS story.


Our hope is that CCH neighbors, those who have school-aged children and those who don’t will continue to contribute to the success of all.


For more information on the Paint the Pavement Project check out:


To contribute to the food pantry please contact Rosemary Farley at 980-406-3056.