Neighborhood Watch

Crime Stats for  December 2018

Just  when we seemed safe, a rash of crimes has struck our usually peaceful neighborhood. Over the week between Christmas and New Years Day five homes have been burglarized. There is some hope. A team of detectives are working on the case and are looking for a suspect.

Lets go over the drill! If you see any person or situation that is out of place or makes you uncomfortable. Call 911. A unknown car parked in the wrong place . An individual strolling through the neighborhood wearing the ubiquitous back pack (burglars only need three tools, a large screw driver, a hammer and a prybar), call 911. If your home does not have sensor lights or an alarm system, consider one or both. If you have a back door that is secluded, consider extra security hardware. Any device that slows a thief is helpful. If you have gotten a new large screen TV, do not put the box in the trash in plain sight. That’s an invitation to a burglar.

Take common sense precautions! Stay safe


Jim Farley (rofar515@gmail)